Samen werken aan Bèta Burgerschap

Work together for Bèta Citizenship

In the project ‘Work together for Bèta Citizenship’ learning programmes and activities are developed and tested by teachers of primary and secondary schools themselves in order to learn pupils the relevance of beta and technique, but also the social relevance of technique.

Five companies (Machine factory Boessenkool, VDL Enabling Technology Group and URENCO, technical Museum Hengelo (HEIM), Wetsus, research group International Water Technology) are supporting the eight primary and three secondary schools to offer background information for the several topics, and facilities such as guest lectures and practical training facilities.

Plastic soup

The research group International Water Technology facilitates the topic of bioplastic in relation to sustainable water technology, also known unfortunately as the ‘plastic soup’ problem.

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The Work together for Bèta Citizenship project is supported by the Experise Centre TechYourFuture (TYF)

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Instrumenten in lab Saxion voor proefje Beta Bugerschap
Student in het Saxion lab voor proefje Beta Burgerschap