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Growing demand for dairy product in India

There’s a growing demand for dairy products in India. Small and medium sized family businesses want to respond to this demand and the Indian government is willing to offer support. Dutch companies have the knowledge on the subject and a substantive stock of products and services for better cow housing systems and dairy of a better quality, which interests India.

Indian circumstances

The Dutch technology is of a high quality and expensive. A successful entry in the Indian market asks for inexpensive and robust systems and products that are tailored to the Indian climate and circumstances.
Family Dairy Tech, an Indian / Dutch initiative to improve the quality and revenue of Indian cow farmers with the help of Dutch companies and expertise in the Pune district, India. The Raak project Family Dairy Tech is addressing key question: ‘How can Dutch businesses in cow housing systems adapt their product in such a way that they will contribute to sustainable and profitable dairy farming in India?’ To answer this question Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) will cooperate with ten Dutch companies, three research groups from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and Indian partner Agricultural Development Trust at Baramati. 

The project is divided into three areas:

  1. Working group better farmers and cows: Find the most promising and achievable solutions for Indian farmers to get better cows and more milk production.
  2. Working group Better housing system: Optimizing cow comfort, reducing heat stress and adequate stable management.
  3. Working group Better -entrepreneurial- Farmers and Markets: How to strengthen the position of the selected farmers in the food chain in India.

The three participating research groups at Saxion mainly responsible for the working group ‘Better Housing’ are Smart Functional Materials, Lightweight Structures and Industrial Design.
A Family Dairy Tech applied research mission to Baramati/Pune, in India was organized between 5th t/m 12th 2016 and was attended by around 15 participants from VHL, Saxion, and participating Dutch companies. The key targets for the study trip were:

  1. Identify potential useful technologies and knowledge from the participating Dutch companies, for the 9 dairy farmers in the Baramati/KvK region.
  2. Design sessions for possible concepts of new stable management systems, cow characteristics and milk quality.
  3. Identification of current management and business operations that may fit -with or without adaptions- of these concepts.


The Familiy Dairy Tech project runs from 1st September 2015 until 31st August 2017.

More information Family Dairy Tech

For more information on the project Family Dairy Tech please contact Pramod Agrawal,

This research project co-financed by RAAK-SIA.

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