GreenSource South Africa - Sports for Water

Water filtrations offers sports facilities

GreenSource combines synthetic turf and water filtration, using ultrafiltration technology, to offer sports facilities and water treatment to supply drinking water, or irrigation water. This applies particularly in areas where water shortages prevail or only polluted water is available. The system includes the construction of an underground water storage tank in which rainwater, water from rivers, dams and especially ground water (boreholes) can be stored. On top of the underground water storage basin an artificial turf system is installed that can be used as a playground for children.

GreenSource: a social place

There will be multiple tap points installed because when the system is in full operation it can provide max. 50 liters of filtered and safe drinking water every minute. To store the filtration unit and to supply water to the people a small building will be put next to the school or other local municipality facilities. This building will also contain a small classroom in which trainers can educate technical workers on how to install and maintain the system. For children this can be the place to learn about water, water use, water safety, all kind of materials and techniques and to get an insight in the working of the GreenSource system. The combination of functional use for water supply and storage of the filtration units together with the classroom and the playground makes GreenSource a social place where people out of the community come together. To secure the system from mismanagement and vandalism all systems will be placed next to a school or other local municipality facilities.

Saxion is responsible for the capacity building, including the development of educational training materials, training local people for supervision, operation & maintenance, and educating local instructors according to train-the-trainer concept.

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The project GreenSource project is supported by the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sports field of the Green Source project in South Africa
Harry Futselaar working on the filtration equipment in South Africa