Join the Pipe bidon dispenser

Tap water is healthy and sustainable. Drinking water contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It contains important minerals such as calcium and has 0 calories. It is at least 400x less damaging to the environment than packaged beverages. Drink water is healthier than drinking sweet drinks (

Fair distribution of clean drinking water worldwide

Join the Pipe ( is commited actively on a fair distribution of clean drinking water worldwide and works closely together with companies, municipalities, schools, sports clubs and festivals by making them switch to tap water. Tap water is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, is ideal for the sports to keep moving longer.

Sustainable drinking water bottles for school children in Africa

The profits from the Join the Pipe products, such as the sustainable BOGO water bottle and tap systems, are used to finance water projects in developing countries; e.g. Join the Pipe supplies sustainable drinking water bottles to school children in Africa. The bottles ensure that children can drink water in a hygienic way without wasting.

The research group IWT supports the initiative of Join the Pipe by letting students work on projects to develop new water products and to increaese the awareness of safe water. AN example of such a project is the development of a several versions of an attractive BOGO dispensing machine, which can be plaved at public places or festivals.

More information Join the Pipe bidon dispenser project

The bidon dispenser of the Join the Pipe project
Students in front of the Join the Pipe bidon dispenser at Saxion