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Wilco Bonestroo, associate professor Ambient Intelligence, Wilco Bonestroo (1979) studied Technical Computer Science and teacher training for mathematics at the University of Twente. He did his PhD in the European Project APOSDLE. He developed and studied a software tool to support self-directed learning. Wilco worked as a software engineer at Xsens Technologies. He was researcher and teacher at Windesheim and Saxion and teacher trainer for computer science teachers at the University of Twente. Since 2016 Wilco is the associate professor in the Ambient Intelligence research group at Saxion.

Ambient Intelligence focuses on the development of smart and learning systems that are aware of their surroundings (cyber physical systems). Wilco is interested in software development for such systems. In his research he applies traditional software engineering practices on the development of embedded systems. In this way he forms the bridge between the soft sciences (computer science) and the hard sciences (mechatronics, technical computer science). Wilco wants to make society more aware of the consequences of all kind of smart systems. Important topics in his research are 'Internet of Things' and, more specifically, localisation. Knowledge of the location of a thing or a person is important in many systems. Topics: sensor technology, applied estimation, tracking and multi-sensor data fusion.

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