Besides research facilities witin the premises of Saxion the research group International Water Technology has an unique test location at the nearby WWTP Glanerburg, called WECTwente.


A great success for the region in which the research group International Water Technology and the professor in particular have played a significant role, is the realization of the 'Water Experiment Center of Twente' (WECTwente) located on the WWTP Glanerbrug. It is a joint initiative of Pentair X-Flow, Jotem Water Treatment, RWB, Saxion and the water board Vechtstromen, where companies are working together with an educational and research institute, end-users, and governmental institutions. Previously, researchers had to investigate new purification techniques at a small-scale testing set-up in a lab or at location in a sea container. In the indoor hall, new technologies can be tested directly on the different water flows available at a wastewater treatment plant. One of the advantages is that the companies involved can show their potential customers a working installation under real life conditions

The aspirations for the research group IWT are two-fold: on the one hand facilitating companies or end-users that want to carry out smaller research projects and do not have the research facilities and/or crew; on the other hand, the cooperation with the ROC of Twente and the University of Twente by deploying their students in the research projects through internships and/or (MSc/PhD) thesis projects.

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