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Robin Effing, associate professor Participatory media, SaxionDr. Robin Effing is associate professor of the research group Media Technology Design. He is engaged in a research field that is called Participatory Media.

Participatory media is an umbrella term for interactive (media) technology in which user participation plays a key role. Recognizable examples are social media such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as crowdsourcing, chat services and mobile apps that enable two-way communication. The aim is to realize valuable connections between people. An example is the realization of a more active involvement of citizens in society or the stimulation of political participation. Or for a better relationship between consumers and businesses. Effing examines how these organizations can effectively use these media by which participation may be stimulated.


Effing previously worked as a social media lecturer at Saxion and in 2014 he obtained his 2014 his PhD in the field of social media and participation in non-profit organizations. He constantly pays attention to the innovation of nonprofit communities by using interactive technology. He regularly is invited to give lectures, for example for Nyenrode and TIAS NIMBAS. Earlier he gained experience as a management consultant and helped over 30 government organizations to decide on internet choices and organizational changes. He has also worked as a team manager in the government office of the 21st century at the municipality of Enschede.

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