Will India become the leader of the democratic world?
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Will India become the leader of the democratic world?

Handelskade, Handelskade 75, Deventer

Talks, debate, meet & share

According to the former ambassador to India (2012-2018) & author of India, Land van de Toekomst Fons Stoelinga, India will have the third economy of the world in 2025 and the largest population by 2030. The country is developing at a fast rate and will see a spectacular transformation on all fronts. Stoelinga offers his vision on the developments, a unique insight on what the world needs to know based on his new book "India, a country of the future" reviewing the historical, religious, cultural and foremost economic aspects of India.

Guest panellist, Hindu priest, philosopher and economist Pandit Purushottam Rob Sitaldin will shed light on the religious, cultural and societal components linked to these aspects.

Annette van der Hoek (PhD India & Entrepreneurship), one of very few Dutch Indologists is also an expert on the subject of entrepreneurship in India, having many years’ experience in preparing individuals and companies to set foot there. 

Pramod Agrawal (Founder of Ecolabs & think tank India -FCCI-) will interact in the discussion with his ideas on modern India on several fields.

An interactive discussion between the esteemed guests and the audience will be hosted by Maarten van Der Schaaf, partner of consultancy firm IndiaConnected. Together, we will explore what we can expect from the biggest democracy on earth with regard to technology, society, education, health and the economy. The interactive event promises to be food for thought for any future decision maker.

Where and when

  • Wednesday 9 October 2019
  • 16:00-17:45
  • Saxion Deventer: C0.61

18h00 – the meet and share is sponsored by Academy IBS | Initiative of Saxion Minor Tomorrow’s world, India (Thierry Tartarin) i.c.w. Minor Algemene Ontwikkeling & Minor Intercultureel Werken


Please let us know if you will attend this event and follow this link to register.

  • Handelskade, Handelskade 75, Deventer

  • 9 oktober 2019 - 16:00 tot 17:45

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