Responsible consumption for carnivors - how to plantify our food in a way that makes all consumers happy
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Responsible consumption for carnivors - How to plantify our food in a way that makes all consumers happy

Handelskade, Handelskade 75, Deventer

In 2030, according to Roanne van Voorst (Anthropologist, Climate Researcher and foody) the meat section of the supermarket will for 80% be filled with meat successors. Climate change and the unstoppable growth of the world’s population supply ample reasons to limit the intake of animal proteins. A conclusion big international companies like Unilever and Danone also start to reach.

Talks-interview & discussion

Roanne van Voorst (Anthropologist – Author ‘Ooit aten we dieren’) gives you the latest on the economy of animal husbandry and her own part in it. She will also show you what a greener- more plant driven future will look like.

Remco Vogelzang (General Director Bobeldijk Food Group/Vitafit - Overijssel) relates how he made the switch from a traditional butcher’s product range to one that is more than 70 % vegetarian and vegan.

Charlotte de Wit (Master student ‘Food Eating Design Lab’ TUDelft) found out that the texts on packaged food can be grossly misleading and wonders how marketing can be used to influence the public to eat healthier. In other words; to trick them for a good cause.

The interview and discussion is moderated by Richard Engelfriet (Author Succesillusie). This program is made by Studium Generale, with Saxion International Office, the Saxion SDG-werkgroep, Minor Conscious Business, Minor Algemene Ontwikkeling and Deventer4GlobalGoals.

Location: Saxion Deventer - D0.07

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  • Handelskade, Handelskade 75, Deventer

  • 19 september 2019 - 16:00 tot 17:30

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