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Tragedy of the common simulation game

D007 theaterzaal, Handelskade 75, Deventer

In 2016 world leaders agreed on the Paris Climate agreement. The aim was to keep limit global warming to well below 2/1,5 degree Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.

Illustration: Renske Cuijpers

It seems that the Paris agreements will NOT achieve its goals leaving the world population vulnerable to the devastating consequences of climate change.

Will you be able to do better?

In this simulation you will represent a country or NGO. Collectively you will be responsible for ensuring a sustainable use of environmental resources. But you also need to take the domestic political agenda into account as well. Otherwise the population may not vote for your government in the upcoming election. It is a very difficult but interesting game. What is a fair outcome considering unequal starting positions, competing interests and past wrongs? You will experience your leadership competence at a personal, group and moral level.

Join in – be there - and perhaps you will be able to build a sustainable future in which all countries can thrive! (November 2021 - UN Climate Top in Glasgow)

Everyone can apply for this simulation game. 

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Jan Reinder Rosing

Organisation Advisor Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Imre Végh

Trainer, Coach and Moderator Project Wisdom


When – Where – What time

Tuesday 12 October 2021
09h00-17h00 | theaterzaal D007 | Saxion Deventer
UK spoken

Groupe size: max. 30 persons 
Cost: no cost
Apply before 7th October
Send an email to s.j.zwolle@saxion.nl or call or app her on this number: 0620313973

Studium Generale 
i.c.w. Green Office & International Office as part of the Sustainable week

  • D007 theaterzaal, Handelskade 75, Deventer

  • 12 oktober 2021 - 09:00 tot 17:00

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