Hbo-study skills

(In the interest of readability, Higher education programme will be referred to as Hbo (abbr. of the Dutch name ))

New:  alternative for VJA
VJA was held for the last time in the academic year 2013-2014. These past few months we have been considering alternatives for VJA.  As from this coming academic year, 2014-2015, at Saxion you will be able to choose from the following two possibilities in preparation for a study at a Dutch Higher education programme:

Multicultural Cognitive Ability test
Do you wish to study at Saxion but you do not have a certificate to meet with the entry requirements for a Bachelor’s degree programme? Then a multicultural Cognitive Ability Test is available (instead of an intelligence test in the “usual”21+ test).

Prerequisite subjects
An admissions test must be taken for prerequisite subjects for certain course programmes (these are subjects for which proof of an examination must be shown), such as Mathematics, Economy, Physics, French or German. Go to to see which prerequisite subjects are required for admission to the individual course studies.

Saxion Orientation Project
During the Saxion Orientation Project participants are supported in choosing the right study.

You must be in possession of an NT2 State Examination Programme 2 before you can take the Multicultural Cognitive Ability Test or attend lessons in prerequisite subjects. Level B2 is required to take part in the Saxion Orientation Project