Minor in the spotlights: Global Citizenship in Education & Social Work


Global Citizenship refers to the challenge for people, professionals and communities to engage with global issues on a local level and to enable people to work together in a globally connected and intercultural environment.

A global citizen in Education & Social Work has the ability to use knowledge and skills about global citizenship in his/her own profession. The practice-based, multi-disciplinary and intercultural approach of the programme (courses, research and practical activities) will ensure that Global Citizenship will become part of the professional identity of each student. We focus on the local communities and neighbourhoods; because that is where the global meets the local!

Global Citizenship in theory and practice, Working as a professional in local communities and schools, Competences and Practices of Global Citizenship, Intercultural communication,  Social Work, Teaching, Migration and cultural diversity, Personal & Social Identity, National identity – transnational identity, Cultural awareness and diversity, Ethics and moral diversity, Identity, Multiple identities, Global Technologies, (Anti) Radicalisation and Language learning.

Your challenge
“Learn to both look and think beyond borders.”

International dimension
“Meet, work, interact and celebrate live with other students from all over Europe and beyond.” Part of this minor is a one week stay in the capital of the European Union: Brussels, Belgium.

More information
Read more about the minor Global Citizenship in Education & Social Work. For more information, please contact Eric Koertshuis or Bart van Haaster: |

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