Doing Business With China

PeriodKwartiel 3-4
Max participants16
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Type of minorA: Toegankelijk voor elke hbo-opleiding
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Today's business world knows no borders. It is dynamic and technically demanding. Both cooperation and competition among European and Asian countries is on the rise. In order to succeed in this globalised environment with its huge cultural, economic and political differences, businesses need to adopt an agile, reflective, critical and entrepreneurial attitude.

This course is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills that you need in order to conduct  business in China with confidence and also to benefit from Chinese business opportunities in Europe. You will be challenged to tackle issues arising from real international business cases involving China and The Netherlands. The minor forms invaluable preparation for future business professionals.

This interactive e-book offers you insight into the minor 'Doing Business with China'.

doing business with chinaYou must have satisfied the requirements for the first year of your degree programme. 

You are expected to be an open-minded, inquisitive team player who can adapt to other cultures and who has an affinity with marketing and/or international business. You will be invited to attend an intake interview before the start of the minor.





You will be invited to find solutions to real business cases and provide your advice to the real client.

You will also acquire a basic knowledge of the Chinese language (HSK level 1= CEF A1) and explore the rich Chinese culture. The arts form a key aspect of the minor, and will contribute to your personal and intercultural development. You will also learn about international relations and the politics of China.

This video gives an impression of the minor:


20 contact hours per week (on average). You will work both individually and in small groups (max. 16), under the guidance of a coach.

In the fourth term, you will travel to China for two weeks to undertake research related to the business case (see description of the third term), with the aim of acquiring first-hand knowledge so that you can advise your clients accordingly at the end of the fourth term. This research is combined with activities designed to enable you to experience at first hand how the Chinese live and think.

Third term
A business case involving international branding, consumer behaviour, trade risks and inbound tourism. Plus courses in the Chinese language, culture and the arts, and China in the world.

Fourth term
Continuation of your business case, Chinese language, and Cross-cultural management.


  • interactive lectures and seminars with Dutch and foreign lecturers
  • field trips
  • expert meetings
  • field research (in the Netherlands and China),
  • reflective and creative sessions

Assessments include portfolios, oral presentations and written tests.

  • “This is my most beautiful experience so far regarding discovering a new country, culture, and cities. “ – Sam Veltjen, Small Business & Retail Management
  • “Discovering China with this fantastic group was interesting, educational, impressive and especially enjoyable.” – Milan Bos, Hoger Toeristisch & Recreatief Onderwijs
  • “China is a country that has gotten a special place in my heart.” – Anna Everts, Media, Informatie & Communicatie

Eight minor students and two teachers visited Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai for a rich study program filled up with field research, Chinese language course, cultural activities, company visits and city tours in these three metropolitans in China.

The Forbidden City and the Great Wall are no longer just pictures on the internet but rather places the students lingered around with vivid historical stories to remember with. Shadow boxing is no longer strange moves they saw in action movies but meaningful and philosophical martial arts that they find fascinating to practise. Talking to native Chinese people in their own language is rewarding in the field research. Chinese economy is no longer dull figures in books but rather personal experiences of entrepreneurs from the foreign businesses and companies that are doing business in China.

Experiences minor Doing business in China

Marion Holtkamp
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