The Netherlands is under threat as a result of climate change. The traditionally low delta is in danger of being flooded due to the violent changing weather conditions and higher sea levels. This also makes the waterways more difficult to access and the discharge capacity is of significant importance.

What are the state-of-the art technologies for autonomous sailing?

START PROJECT: 01-09-2019                         END PROJECT: 31-08-2020

The climate change requires continuous insight into the water discharge capacity of the Dutch water infrastructure. Autonomous vessels enable continuous measurement and real-time information of the waterways on the basis of which action can be taken quickly.

Various partners, both public and private, have the desire to sail continuously and autonomously and are separately engaged in this, such as Rijkswaterstaat, Seaport Groningen and the Province of Overijssel. The Lectorate applied research group, which conducts successful research into “autonomous systems in unstructured environments” has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of ground (2D navigation) and air robots (3D navigation). These developed technologies are potentially very suitable for navigation on the water (2D, 2.5D) and underwater (3D).

A lot of partners were interested in sharing knowledge and develop together. Semi-autonomous vessels are available for this purpose, but the partners lacked a comprehensive overview of the current state of technology. That is why the Lectorate applied research group wants to carry out a study together with Marinminds, Aquatic Drones and DronExpert into the “State of the Art” concerning autonoom varen.

This cross-over project of the top sector HTSM/Smart industry with the top sector Water & Maritime immediately strengthens the knowledge position of all partners involved, enabling these consortia to make the waterways climate-adaptive more quickly, so that Dutch (water) safety is better guaranteed.




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