We build higher, deeper, larger and more complex, with new materials, more electronics, closely packed in crowded cities. As a result, buildings are becoming difficult to enter for emergency responders in the event of a calamity.

How can an unmanned reconnaissance and/or extinguishing robot form an integrated part of a professionally operating fire brigade team?

START PROJECT: 01-02-2019                         END PROJECT: 31-01-2021

Firefighters are most at risk if they have to enter an unknown building or structure under time pressure to explore or extinguish a fire. Falling walls, collapsing ceilings or simply stumbling over debris invisible through the smoke lead to avoidable injuries or even victims. The use of unmanned vehicles for reconnaissance and firefighting is therefore essential. Saxion’s research groups Mechatronics, Ambient Intelligence and Industrial Design are working closely together with four safety regions, University of Twente and industry to develop new technologies for the unmanned exploration of dangerous structures.

But what about the fire service itself? Firefighters work from their feelings, from experience, from intuition. They "see" the fire and immediately know how to act, notice what is and what is not dangerous and determine for themselves how far they want to (may) go in it. A robot on wheels should take over? There is quite a bit of resistance among professionals to the introduction of this type of robot technology. In this project, Saxion, De Brandweeracademie, the business community and five safety regions will investigate where that resistance, that lack of confidence comes from, and how it can be responded to through training and (small) product adjustments.

A reconnaissance or fire-fighting robot can prevent personal injury and casualties, provided it is properly deployed and trusted by the people who depend on it. The fire service profession, as a professional or volunteer, is one of the most dangerous there is. Let's work together to make it a little safer.




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Roy de Kinkelder

Senior Researcher and Project Lead