The first moments after a threat or an incident are crucial and correct information in the first minutes is of great importance for all first responders. The technology behind sensors and drones is getting cheaper, making it possible to have drones continuously ready for Safety and Security applications. New safety and security concepts are being developed within this project.

Project approach

A semi-autonomous drone with docking station that independently performs tasks without pilot in conjunction with sensors and a control room will be used. The drone docking station is based in a specific area. The drone takes off after a sensor report. The drone immediately collects information such as images about the situation and passes this on to the control room. Shortens the verification time after an alarm (<1 min over 12 km) i and the effectiveness of first responders improve through early information and therefore more effective deployment. The control of the drone can be taken over at any time by the control room or first responders on site. The elements of this new safety and security concept are:

  • Intelligent verification: For the sake of effectiveness and efficiency, preventive car surveillance is being replaced by video surveillance. The verification of an alarm is done by car security guards. RJ Safety and Security wants to have a better picture of the crisis situation with a drone in order to be able to significantly shorten the verification time;
  • Effective response: The first moments after a threat or an incident are crucial and correct information in the first minutes is of great importance for all first responders;
  • The technical system: the new system consists of a connection between sensors, the drone, the docking station and the control room. Saxion University of Applied Sciences is currently working on a drone docking station and wants to further develop this for automatic use.

Research outcome

The project provides a proof of concept that is tested in a closed environment. There is a connection from that room to a control room. The concept is not yet being tested in the open air. The aim is to successfully demonstrate the safety and security concept based on this technology for further development into a product or service by the stakeholders from the sounding board group. Technology areas:

  • Modular Docking Station;
  • Mission Autonomy;
  • Onboard Intelligence.

Duration project

Start project: 01-10-2017 - End project: 31-12-2019




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