The growing world population leads to enormous challenges. An attempt is being made to safeguard food through monoculture and upscaling. This results in disease susceptibility and chemical control. According to the philosophy of the project consortium the answer is therefore downscaling and diversification; the local RobotMoestuin.

The objective of the RobotMoestuin project is: “Investigate the possibilities for a robotised vegetable garden that makes it possible to introduce small-scale precision agriculture to the world's citizens on a large scale”. The main objective is answered within this project by the deliverables from the following sub-objectives:

  • Wish list of stakeholders & technical possibilities for RobotMoestuin;
  • Development of robot solutions based on the Easy Mushroom platform;
  • Develop (new) forms of cooperation with the identified stakeholders.

MakkelijkeMoestuin has a large community of its own, with which 'grandfathers' vegetable garden knowledge has been digitally made for sharing. The demand for the application of new technology in combination with traditional knowledge therefore also comes directly from practice. The participating SMEs are leaders of this community. The many stakeholders of the AgriTech fair also endorse the technology integration with agriculture. The Mechatronics research group is involved as a robotics knowledge supplier and a member of euRobotics, HollandRobotics and founder of the R&D cooperative TValley for knowledge development and sharing.

This project is literally the KIEM in the seedbed of private precision agriculture and will, through a paradigm shift, lead to more innovative projects for both industry and citizens themselves.

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