The Smart Industrial Robots (integration) research line deals with how robotisation and flexible / reconfigurable production systems can increase human efficiency in the machine building and manufacturing industry (Smart Industry).

Products are becoming increasingly complex, but are also outdated faster as a result of the acceleration of innovation; think of the rapid succession of SmartPhones. The production series are therefore also getting smaller. The manufacturing industry itself, but also the machine building industry are confronted to a greater extent with this problem; high product mix, smaller series. Production therefore has to become increasingly flexible (flexible manufacturing) and requires reconfigurable production systems. At the same time, the digital acceleration the driving force behind the 4th industrial revolution, called Smart Industry in the Netherlands.

The Smart Industrial Robots research line mainly focuses on production machines and robots. The Eastern of the Netherlands is in a good starting position for the transition to Smart Industry with a strong HTSM knowledge cluster, a leading high-tech manufacturing industry and an extensive traditional manufacturing industry. To realize this transition is the regional Smart Industry action agenda BOOST realized.  

In order to maintain their competitive position, production companies will have to move towards smaller series, with a lot of variation in embodiments at profitable costs. This requires a new perspective on the development of new products and production processes. 

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