Unmanned Robotic Systems integration research program within the Saxion focuses on developing autonomous and collaborative unmanned mobile robots  and technologies in order to explore an unknown and unstructured environments for data collection and target manipulation.

This research program encompasses unmanned robots (aerial robots, ground robots, surface and underwater robots) and their technologies that are developed in the context of various application domains (Safety & Security, Agriculture and Sustainable Energy).

The main modular technologies within this research lines are:

  • Robust and real-time infrastructureless localization using multimodal onboard sensors;
  • Robust and optimal navigation in harsh environments;
  • Safe and optimal interaction controllers;
  • Muti-domain dynamic modeling and reinforcement leaning;
  • Long-term autonomy, collaborative and swarm robots.

These aforementioned technologies are realized on various ground robots, boats and aerial robots ( ranging from miniature drones (1 kg payload) to mega drones (500 kg payload)).

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