Sustainable International Business

The international business community is increasingly concerned with sustainability issues and consequently looking for people that have knowledge and experience in this field.

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Course content

In this full time minor various controversial issues of sustainability are addressed with regards to global trade and international business from the following three angles:

planet: ecological aspects, such as climate change and biodiversity
people: social aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as culture, leadership, international labor relations and human rights
prosperity: sustainable economy, free trade, product chains, global governance, international relationships and politics

This minor will help you in getting a better understanding of the ongoing heated debate concerning ecological, social and economic effects of global trade and to sharpen your own opinions.

The first period focuses on acquiring knowledge. In the second period the focus is on acquiring experience in the field. In previous editions of this minor students have gained experience in Africa, Asia and Europe for internships with local companies. Students that remained in the Netherlands have researched sustainability questions for various companies (e.g. G-star, Heineken, Bredenoord and FrieslandCampina).

You will work on the following skills in an international setting:

  • economic insights;
  • environmental insights;
  • social insights;
  • business development and marketing;
  • human resource management;
  • analytical skills and systematic thinking;
  • working as a member of a heterogeneous team;
  • research and reporting skills;
  • presentational skills;
  • English communication skills.

What is the minor about?
The global economic, people and planet related issues in relation to Corporate Social
Responsibility are the focus of this course and focuses on the following questions:

  • How can companies take responsibility for the planet and its people and still generate sufficient long-term profits at the same time?
  • What companies are exemplary in this respect?
  • What strategies do companies employ in emerging markets and developing countries?
  • What sort of cultural and political differences do they need to take into account?

The first 10-week term consists of excursions, guest lectures and different modules each week addressing the economic, environmental and social aspects of corporate social responsibility. The modules consist of lectures, interaction and assignments.

There is a choice in the second 10-week term between:

  • a 10-week internship or research project with a company in Africa, the US, Asia or Europe.
  • a five-week Internship or research project with a company in Africa, the US, Asia or Europe. The second five-week period consists of lectures and excursions in the Netherlands.
  • a 10-week sustainability project with a company in the Netherlands, in combination with lectures and excursions.

You are required to attend and contribute actively to the following activities:

  • lectures and workshops;
  • debates;
  • presentations;
  • research and reporting on a project;
  • presentations;
  • excursions;
  • guest lectures on sustainability.

Where and when?
This minor will be held in the International Business School in Deventer. Period: September 2nd 2019 - February 1st 2020.

The minor consists of different modules and each module has different requirements. The assessment of the modules consists of giving presentations, writing essays and (written) exams. Attendance and active participation are prerequisites. 

The grade for the project (2nd semester) is determined by the grades for the research plan and final report. For the project in the second period there are different requirements, such as the writing of an expectiationpaper, research plan, final report and reflection document and presentations about the project. 

The Sustainable International Business minor is relevant and of interest to ambitious students taking the following bachelor programmes, among others:

  • Economics
  • Environmental Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Textile Engineering & Management
  • Tourism
  • Business Engineering

This minor is also of interest for international students interested in following this minor as a 'short course'. We welcome and encourage diversity and heterogeneity in the composition of the group of students taking the minor.

Admission criterion
You must have passed the first year of a bachelor programme.

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