Top Talent Programmes

Do you want to be challenged and are you looking for ways to get more out of your bachelor study? Then join one of the Top Talent Programmes  in which we stimulate you to push yourself further during your studies in order to maximise your potential.  Top Talent Programmes offer a choice of honours programmes, excellence tracks and one year programmes.

What are the Top Talent Programmes?
The honours programmes and excellence tracks run in parallel to your bachelor programmes. The estimated extra workload is the equivalent of 30 credits (ECs) spread across several years (approx. 1 to 2 half-days per week). The ECs cannot be exchanged for bachelor credits. If an honours programme or excellence track has been completed successfully, this is indicated on your student’s degree certificate. Meanwhile, if you decide to discontinue the honours programme or excellence track, for whatever reason, this has no negative consequences for your regular degree programme. It is assumed that participation in such a programme will not delay the regular bachelor studies in any way.