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Am I a potential Top Talent?
You are inquisitive and open to receiving feedback. You have the ability to reflect, both on your own behaviour and on your surroundings. You ask others for feedback and do your best to act on it;

- You take a constructively critical approach and do not simply accept everything you are told unquestioningly;
- You have an open, even somewhat philosophical attitude;
- You enjoy considering problems and issues from different perspectives;
- You are energetic and driven;
- You have a forward-looking attitude. You not only think about their your future, but also about that of a country or the world. You try to find ways of making things better.

What are the benefits as a Top Talent?
‘Saxion Top Talent’ indicated on your bachelor degree certificate.
An honours programme or route to excellence is only intended for you if you belong to a select group of highly motivated students and places considerable demands on the participants. A potential Top Talent’s development goes demonstrably deeper/broader than that of a regular student. In addition to theoretical learning, much attention is paid to your personal development (skills and approaches). If you successfully followed an honours programme or route to excellence, you completed the bachelor’s programme within the expected time frame and you achieved satisfactory final marks, you are declared a ‘Saxion Top Talent’ (on your degree certificate).

Why other students chose the Top Talent Programmes:
(1) It is a good fit with my personal development,
(2) I’m interested in the topics that are covered,
(3) It looks good on my CV,
(4) The regular programme isn’t challenging enough for me.

How do I sign in for the selection procedure of a Top Talent Programme?
In the period March 1 till June 1 2018 you sign in for the selection procedure of the Top Talent Programme of your choice in Bison. More information can be found on (log-in required).

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