Master of Business Administration (in cooperation with Greenwich University) (MBA)

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The MBA is an internationally recognised Masters degree in Business Administration and Management. It prepares managers for organisation-wide leadership and decision-making. Saxion University offers this MBA programme in co-operation with the University of Greenwich: successful students obtain an internationally recognized British degree. The University approaches leadership development thematically from the starting points of creativity, practicality and social resourcefulness. Personal development is also a key theme of the programme with executive coaching to help students understand their value in the market and to develop plans to optimise their potential.

Academic learning is complemented by experiential and practical learning using case studies, business simulations, and culminating in a real-world consultancy engagement. Within the programme students complete an independent business research project.

No pre-master required.



This program has shown me that I am able to stand more than I could previously imagine and achieve better results than I can expect. Don’t be afraid to extend the limits of your capacity!

MBA student PetroThe M(B)A at Saxion University was a specific combination of an imaginative class work with a persistent laborious self-instruction. The program definitely took me out of the comfort zone and forced me to make all my efforts to achieve a success. As a result, the M(B)A helped me to deeper understand my own personality, interests, and future aspirations; fill the gaps in my theoretical knowledge; gain a great deal of confidence, and make some amazing friends.

The program taught me how to communicate and work in one team with people from different countries, cultures and religions, respect the values and habits of the others remaining the carrier of the unique culture of my own nation. I have learned how to think and analyse data critically, how to manage my time effectively meeting tough deadlines. The business research course provided me with the invaluable tools, methods and skills for an effective data sourcing, analysis, and presentation in any field of my future career. The Saxion M(B)A helped me to develop my leadership skills and grow as an individual. After the program, I better know what are my talents and selling points in the competitive labour market. We had really unforgettable time together with my new friends not only during the classes but also at leisure by cooking, travelling and sharing our life experience. I deeply appreciate the on-going support and encouragement of our lecturers and course coordinators helping me to stand and successfully complete this challenging program.

It was the hard journey because both the expectations and the price of the mistakes were high while the final rewards were even greater. My suggestion for future M(B)A candidates is to get aware beforehand of why you are going for the M(B)A, what you expect and how you intend to apply your future new status. If you are clear about it, make extra efforts and achieve the excellent result you will be proud of for the rest of your life!

This MBA programme provides students with an academically rigorous programme firmly rooted in practice and graduates have been prepared for senior positions, (leadership and decision making by developing  their essential skills to help them succeed in the 21 st century business,) in all areas of management, in international marketing, international business or as independent entrepreneurs.

Class of 2015–2016

To start with this part-time MBA programme you must meet the following requirements: you have a Bachelor’s degree in business or related field, 24 months full-time and relevant working experience and a TOEFL 550, IELTS 6 or similar English Language qualification at minimum (not applicable to Dutch students!).

  • A Higher Education Bachelor’s degree in a related business field.
  • An equivalent of 24 months fulltime and relevant working experience.
  • Minimum of TOEFL 550, IELTS 6.0 or similar English Language qualification.

You can find information on general entry requirements here.

MBA alumnus Patrick HatcherThe MBA programme at Saxion offers students of all backgrounds a multitude of opportunities. A mix of diverse subjects and cultures leads to not only a memorable experience, but also one that will help you prepare for any career. By working in an environment of other professionals, classes are engaging, knowledge sharing is plentiful, and competition is friendly. 

“(..)classes are engaging, knowledge sharing is plentiful, and competition is friendly.”

I personally was able to develop my leadership skills, learned a lot about my own passion and interests, and made some great friends. I felt comfortable approaching my lecturers and was satisfied with the expertise I gained from them. Spending a year in Europe was a great experience. I grew enormously as an individual and Saxion enabled me to grow professionally too. I am proud of my time spent and grateful for the people I met. 

Patrick Hatcher | Alumnus Master of Business Administration


“It is this diversity that makes my job so enjoyable”

I have been a lecturer in business analysis and research methods on the MBA/MA programme for five years. These modules are two of the more complicated ones, dealing with numbers and calculations. I find it rewarding to see how students rise to these challenging tasks and improve their performance during the programme. Supervising dissertations is also a part of my job. I enjoy this very much as it gives me the opportunity to get to know the students better, both professionally and personally. I have met many interesting people from all over the world and, through their work, I have gained new insights into everyday life in countries that I was previously unfamiliar with. These programmes always attract students with many different nationalities, including a good mix of Asians, Africans and Europeans. It is a great experience to teach in a group of young professionals who, between them, have experience with working in all four corners of the globe. Their different backgrounds and opinions add value to the learning process for their fellow students and lecturers alike. It is always a challenge to know how to effectively approach a group with such diverse nationalities, educational backgrounds and work experience, but it is this diversity that makes my job so enjoyable.

Arienn Eros | lecturer master of Arts in Management and master of Business Administration

The course consists 7 modules, which will be offered in a period of 12 months. After having obtained 135 UK credits, the students can (further) concentrate on their independent business project (45 credits).The total number of credits of the entire programme is 180 UK credits. 

This master is an  overall joined programme with the Master  in Management.


  •  Scholarship in Business (30 credits)
  •  Integrated Operations Management (30 credits)
  •  Responsible Leadership and Development (15 credits)
  • Business Project (Proposal phase)*
  • Financial Management (15 credits)
  • Strategy and Business Decision Making (30 credits)
  • Creative Problem Solving and Consultancy Project (15 credits)
  • Business Project ( execution phase: Dissertation) (45 credits)

*officially the research method course is part of the Business Project. Hence, credits are only awarded after finishing the entire Business Project

The tuition fee for the academic year 2017-2018 for this Master of Business Administration is € 11.000,-, not including € 150,- for the 'Academic English Writing Course'. After this year you pay € 2.500,-.

Optional: Academic English Writing Course in the first 2,5 months of the course, costs €150,-

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