Visual impairment

What is a visual impairment?

A visual impairment is a loss of sight. The impairment can vary from partial (poor eyesight) to total impairment (blindness). The visual impairment can be the result of genetic sight abnormalities or through eye diseases, diabetics, age, an accident, a brain tumor or an infection during pregnancy. For example Glaucoma and Retinitis pigmentosa.


Impairments such as:

  • Visual focus
  • Field of vision
  • Adaptation from light to darkness
  • Colour blindness

Possible obstacles 

  • Problems with following lectures; especially with the reading of texts and with activities involving writing
  • Texts on blackboard/screen/notice boards are difficult or impossible to read
  • Visual overview proves to be difficult (impossible to see everything at a glance)
  • Problems in taking exams and in doing assignments
  • Problems in communication (nonverbal information is unseen)
  • Problems with energy level as activities require a lot more effort
  • Layout of the building can be a problem
  • Problems with safety and with orientation


picture of a book with Braille