Applying for provisions

Additional proof

Students can submit a request for provisions from the moment of enrollment at one of the course programmes at Saxion. The following forms are available:

  • Application form for material provisions
  • Application form for educational provisions
  • Application form for exam access arrangements

To make a request for provisions, the student needs to provide medical proof(from a GP or a specialist), proof of dyslexia or a statement from the attending psychologist or therapist in which the necessity of provisions is made clear.

In additions, in most cases a written recommendation of the student counsellor must also be submitted with the application.

There is one exception: a student with dyslexia who wishes to avail of the following Exam access arrangements: extra time for examinations and/or enlarged font, can submit an application without the advice of the student counsellor.

Appointment with the student counsellor

Make an appointment with the student counsellor. The student counsellor will assist in submitting the application and will supply written recommendation. You can make an appointment with the student counsellor via de StudentDesk.

How to apply

A request for Exam access arrangements must be sent to the examination board of the school. A request for educational provisions must be sent to the Head of the school. A request for Material provisions must be sent to the Director of the Service Centre/Office.

Under the download button on the right, you will find  the Protocol, and the application forms for requesting Material provisions, Educational provisions and/or Exam access arrangements.