Facilitating provisions

Exam access arrangements 

The allocation of Exam access arrangements is arranged by the exam office. It is therefore important  that the exam office is timely informed which students have the right to which Exam access arrangements. The Examination board, or a representative of the Examination board, registers the allocated Exam access arrangements in the Bison information system. To accommodate the request for extra provisions, the request must be registered in Bison before the closing date of the signing in period for the examinations for that quarter. If the request is made known after the closing date of the signing in period then the provisions will not be available until the following quarter.

N.B. Aforementioned does not apply to the exam period of the first quarter: requests that are registered in Bison, minimal 10 working days prior to the exam period, will be allocated.

The agreements for arranging Exam access arrangements is laid down in the “Protocol for requesting provisions for Educational and also for Exam access arrangement purposes”. This document can be found under the download button on the page applying for provisions.

Educational provisions

The study career counsellor and the student are jointly responsible for attaining the allocated educational provisions. In some cases, a teacher may be involved in the arrangements.

Material provisions

The service Centre or the Office, responsible for the material provisions, is responsible for carrying out the necessary arrangements.  In some cases this needs to be carried out with the cooperation of the student. If the student uses the material provision on loan, during the course of the study, then an agreement must be signed.

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