Frequently asked questions

In most cases, the answer to the questions below is a referral to a Student counsellor of Saxion. You can make an appointment with a student counsellor via the Students Desk.

  1. What does Saxion understand to be a disability?
  2. Where to go for advice and support?
  3. Are all course programmes open to students with dyslexia and which provisions are available?
  4. In the coming six months I must regularly go to hospital for tests. I am afraid I will possibly miss compulsory educational activities. What can I do about this?
  5. Must I withdraw from the study programme if I receive binding negative study advice because of my disability?
  6. Because of my chronic illness I will be unable to partake in a fulltime internship. Will this be taken into account?
  7. I am almost finished with my study and am busy applying for a job. Must I speak of my disability during the job interview?


Picture of the StudentDesk