Financial provisions

What does Saxion understand to be financial provisions?

Financial provision is the financial support for students with a disability via DUO or Saxion.

Which financial provisions are there?

  1. Year extension of student loan.
    On falling behind in the study due to a disability: the student can put in a request to DUO for a year extension of the student loan. This form must be signed by a doctor and also by the Student counsellor.
  1. Graduation support.
    A student who, due to a disability, is unable to complete the study within the student loan timeframe of 5 years, can make an appeal for financial support from the Saxion emergency funds.

  2. Other financial provisions via DUO.
    Should a student, through no fault of his/her own – on the grounds of a disability or chronic illness – be unable to graduate, the performance-related grant will be transposed to a gift. When a student is unable to graduate within the degree timeframe of 10 years, an extension of the timeframe may be requested. Should the student be unable to complete the course, due to the disability becoming more acute, new rights for the student loan for a new study can be requested.
  1. Temporarily deregistering due to disability becoming more acute, an operation or to convalescence.
    A student who is unable to attend college or study for a long period of time would be wise to temporarily deregister and also (temporarily) cut off the student loan.

The student must speak with the student counselor if he/she wishes to avail of one of the above provisions. The student counsellor, informs, advises and  will assist in submitting the application for financial support.

International students with a disability are not necessarily eligible for above mentioned financial provisions. There are always more requirements which must be met.