Educational provisions

Saxion understands the following as educational provisions:

Provisions related to planning and presentations of the study, extra coaching, work groups and presentations, practical studies and internships.

Which educational provisions are known to Saxion?

  1. Agreement about non-attendance/flexible with non-attendance
  2. Restricting changing classrooms/buildings
  3. Supplying study material as early as possible (for conversion to a Braille /spoken book/digital form)
  4. Recording of lessons
  5. Writing support by teachers (sheets, board, PowerPoint)
  6. Extra coaching from Study career counsellor
  7. Extra support or explanations from the teacher
  8. Extra time for practical training
  9. Fixed partner for practical training
  10. Assistance in finding a suitable internship
  11. Agreements with the internship in regard to the possibilities/expectations/restrictions
  12. Dissemination of the internship

How to apply for educational provisions?

Provisions, other than aforementioned, may be necessary for studying. This can be discussed with the student counsellor during the Admission advice consultation. This is then agreed upon with the study course programme. After the student has enrolled, with the help of the student counsellor, an application for the necessary provisions may be submitted. The Head of the school decides upon the request.

picture of a teacher in the classroom