Exam access arrangements

What does Saxion understand to be Exam access arrangements? 

Exam access arrangements are allowances being made for the form of an examination, rules for examinations, the place of the sitting and for the use of accessories.

Saxion is familiar with the following Exam access arrangements:

  1. Extra time for the examination (15 minutes extra per 45 minute examination)
  2. Enlarged font (A3) . These are two standard provisions available to students with dyslexia, which can be requested by the student directly to the Examination board of the course programme.
  3. Sitting the examination in a quiet environment.
  4. Use of laptops
  5. Use of computer software (Kurzweil 3000).
  6. Dissemination of examination
  7. Alternative form of examination, for example : open questions instead of multiple choice
  8. Permission to leave the examination room to go to the toilet, or have extra breaks.
  9. Use of calculator
  10. Allowed to eat/drink during the examination.

How to apply for Exam access arrangements?

Exam access arrangements, other than aforementioned, may be necessary. This can be discussed with the student counsellor during the Admission advice consultation. After enrollment, the student van apply for necessary Exam access arrangements with the help of the student counsellor.The examination board of the school decides upon the request.



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