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What are added values and risks of blockchain based systems for their involved stakeholders and under which conditions risks will occur and added values can be achieved

PhD Research 2020-2023

PhD-candidate Kees Tesselhof MSc MSc (Saxion UAS), first co-promotor dr. ing. Jan Veuger MRE FRICS (Saxion UAS), second co-promotor dr. Guy Janssens (OU) and promotor prof. dr. Rob Kusters (Open University).


To exchange and store reliable data among organisations is a challenge. Blockchain based systems (BBS) can be used for reliable data storage and data exchange. Not much is known about BBS yet and there are many uncertainties with regard to BBS, therefore this research. This research examines under which conditions a BBS provides added value and which risks are revealed. To execute this research, three phases are defined. 

The first phase in this research is to establish terminology to BBS and define the stakeholders involved. To ascertain vocabulary related to BBS and determine stakeholders involved is beneficial. If vocabulary and stakeholders are known the inventorying of added values and risks related to BBS can take place in a structured manner.

The second phase is the determination of added values and risks of BBS for stakeholders. BBS itself is a very recent area of research and there is no extensive research conducted so far in this area. A design oriented research will be undertaken to inventory and validate added values and risks for stakeholders involved in BBS. 

The third phase is aimed at improving the understanding of transactions in database processes of BBS and under which conditions the stakeholders can achieve added value and risks occur for stakeholders of BBS. A design orientated research will be undertaken and the final result will be reported in a framework with added values and risks for stakeholders involved to BBS.