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What is the influence of digital transformation on the organisational readiness and organisational capacity between and within healthcare organisations to realise value driven care?

PhD-candidate George Garritsen MSc (Saxion UAS), first co-promotor dr. ing. Jan Veuger MRE FRICS (Saxion UAS) and promotor Prof.dr.ir. Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof (University of Twente)


The integration of new technologies leads to the digital transformation of organisations (Orlikowski, 1992). The consequences in terms of organisational consequences and impact have not yet been sufficiently clarified, which means that the risks are insufficiently known when digitally transforming organisations with the aid of new technologies, such as Blockchain. Ultimately, digital transformation should, by means of increasing transparency and trust, contribute to the long-term value creation of organisations (Beijen, 2020).


Society in the Netherlands is changing at a rapid pace, caused by such factors as digitalisation (Beijen, 2020). Obtaining data is an important element in increasing insight and making social developments and trends visible. However, important data are currently being collected by digital platforms and other digital environments. This increases the chance of manipulation because the data owner is no longer the provider of the data. New technologies such as blockchain make it possible for the owner of the data to be and remain the controller, thus breaking the 'trust paradox'. The introduction of these new technologies is leading to a digital transformation among organisations. Little is known yet about the consequences of a digital transformation on the willingness to organise, the organisational capacity, forms of organisation and the effects of this on value-driven care. The (preliminary) objective is to obtain insight into the following points:

  1. Gaining insight into the influence of digital transformation on organisational readiness within and between organisations in care and what the effect of this is on the organisational capability and the form of organisation.
  2. Gaining insights into the adoption of blockchain as a means of digital transformation for healthcare organisations.
  3. Gaining insight into the influence of digital transformation on realising value-driven care.

The obtained insights should lead to a model that organisations can use when implementing digital transformation to ultimately realise value-driven care.