Extensive use of energy resources in the past has created a variety of problems ranging from global warming to shortage of natural energy resources. There are many research and literature available highlighting the very impact of not having effective and efficient energy management and energy use systems on every aspect of political, societal, economical and personal life. Having these systems in place to ensure green capabilities will soon become one of the competitive advantages for governments and organizations in all fronts.

Energy can be saved through utilizing various techniques such as improving the power management of lighting, ventilation and electronics, installation of a pervasive sensing infrastructure, adaptation of new and smart energy preserving technologies. There are plenty of initiatives to save energy in public and non-public spaces and having smart buildings. There are also many home automation solutions that allow explicit control of home appliances remotely and monitor energy usage of different devices. However, a missing ingredient is an intelligent energy-aware system that learns people's behavior, understands their needs, provides reliable feedback in terms of best practices for energy use and distribution, intelligently harvests energy from various sources, and allows people to be in control. This is the very exact goal of the Go-Green project.

Etto Salomons, from our Ambient Intelligence chair, is doing een doctoral research in the Go Green project.

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For more information, contact Etto Salomons, e.l.salomons@saxion.nl