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For companies it is extremely important to respond to changing customer needs through product innovation. Converting a promising product idea into a successful product in the market is not easy. It is a systematic process involving a wide range of knowledge: knowledge of the market, the needs and behavior of users and customers, but also knowledge of technology, materials and production, from design and ergonomics.

Research areas of the Industrial Design chair

  • The research line Man and Design focuses on research that contributes to the design of a product that meets the world and needs of the user, by involving the (end) users and stakeholders at an early stage in the design process.
  • We will continue with the research line Materials and Technology, with a special focus on digital technologies like 3D printing and smart technologies, functional surfaces, joining processes and materials and technologies that play a role in the miniaturization and personification of products. As a part of this research line we will further develop the Saxion FabLab Enschede as a place to experiment with these new materials and technologies, with the identity: Smart, High Tech and Textiles.
  • The research line Sustainable Design is an independent new line. in which we can build on the knowledge we acquired in this field, such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a design tool, circular design and durable product experience.
    The main attention or application of the knowledge developed in the three research lines are elderly and (home) care, safety, and construction.

Research facilities

We have several research facilities, including a usability laboratory, a materials studio - with extensive materials database and large amount of product examples - and the FabLab Enschede with it's high tech equipment, for exemple 3D-printer, lasercutter, rapid prototyping machines.

Training design, creativity, and standard costing

Especially for the SME we have set up several in-house training programmes. We also organize seminars for companies on product development related topics such as design, creativity, and standard costing. You can also contact us for advice and brainstorming sessions on innovations and new techniques, materials and their applications. 

The Industrial Design research group works together with the Industrial Design Centre in Twente, the National Program and Product Development Association of Engineers KIVI NIRIA.

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