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Biography Harry Futselaar

Harry Futselaar (1964) studied Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Process Technology at the University of Twente. In 1993 he obtained his PhD at the University of Twente with a research on the design, construction and process development of a (patented) transverse flow membrane module.

Afterwards he held a post-doc position at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with the development and techno-economical evaluation of a new membrane module and system for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water by means of pervaporation. After holding various positions, including project manager at LHS Microfiltration Ltd, research fellow at the University of Twente and special projects manager at the business unit Membranes of Stork Friesland B.V., in 2000 he became technology development manager at Norit Process Technology Ltd and X-Flow Ltd. Here, after the take-over of Norit CPT holding by Pentair Inc, he first was responsible for the market and technology development in the areas of water and wastewater treatment and later on for bridging strategic innovation, market-driven and technology-push development for water and wastewater product market combinations. From 2004-2007 Futselaar also worked part-time as a scientific project manager at TTI Wetsus, centre for sustainable water technology.

Since 2013, Futselaar holds the part-time position of professor International Water Technology at Saxion. First in combination with his career at Norit/Pentair and nowadays in combination with his position as a transfer manager at Saxion.


Harry Futselaar