EU Cost action

The Saxion research group Nanotechnology is part of the COST Action of the European Network on application of Atomic Force Microscopy to Nano Medicine and Life Sciences (AFM4NanoMed & Bio).

EU COST Action exists of nearly 200 registered participants from 24 countries. The COST Action Network aims to develop scientific biophysical research in the field of Atomic Force Microscopy and to translate this into applications in the field of Nanomedicine and Life Sciences.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) has evolved into a mature and applied scientific platform in the scientific research world, in particular in nanotechnology. These techniques now provide a substantial contribution to the understanding of biological concepts. They are used in a wide field of research areas such as biophysics, nano toxicology and nano medicine. Unfortunately at the moment the translation of the scientific achievements into practical applications in hospitals and research institutes is still missing. This is mainly caused by the lack of standard protocols and equipment that are simple to operate. EU COST Action therefore aims to bring the present the expertise of AFM research in the EU together in a network. In this way it wants to make the joint translation into desired applications in Life Science and Nanomedicine.

The Saxion research group Nanotechnology actively contributes to Working Group 4 of the COST Action.

Nanotoxicology, nanoparticles, health risks

The Saxion research group Nanotechnology actively contributes to Working Group 4 of the COST Action. This working group focuses on the development and applications of AFM techniques in the field of nanotoxicology, nanoparticles and health risks.

AFM Community

EU COST Action also focuses on joining and extending the 'AFM Community' in Europe by workgroup and user meetings, training sessions, brief exchange projects and European cooperation. Moreover,  a joint approach is defined to improve education in the field of AFM. This is done by collecting, testing and developing standard protocols and new teaching materials. Furthermore, various educational and training workshops will be organized.

Duration research project EU COST Action

The research project started in December 2010 and will be completed in December 2014.

More information EU COST Action

Detailed information on this research can also be found on the website of AFM4NanoMed & Bio. For more information please contact Alexander Andreski:

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