Innovation photonics education (continuation)

This project is a continuation of our previous project Innovation photonics education. This follow-up project aims to innovate optics and photonics education, in such a way that students become enthusiastic about the subject and view various applications of photonics as enabling technologies.

The aim is to meet the need for a growing number of knowledge workers in the private sector.

The aim is to meet the need  for a growing number of knowledge workers in the private sector. In addition, to promote an accurate picture of the field, the participating bachelor courses want access to in-house state-of-the-art technologies.

The project is divided into the following three parts:

  1. Optical tweezers
    The Hague University wants to build a pair of optical tweezers for and with students. Optical tweezers are suitable for the demonstration of  photonics as an enabling technology.
  2. Linking photonics to acoustics: laser vibro meter
    Inspired by the  Hague University project in which a double beam interferometer was developed, the Applied Physics bachelor course at Fontys Eindhoven wants to make it possible for students to work with a Laser vibro meter.
  3. Spatial Light Modulator
    Spatial light modulators (SLMs) are active optical components based on LCD technology,  primarily used in projectors and displays. However, SLMs are increasingly used in new areas such as optical metrology and light control/processing on a micro scale. The aim of this project is to put students  in touch with this photonic technology.


Three Universities of Applied Sciences work together on this project: Saxion, The Hague and Fontys.

Duration project Innovation Photonics Education

The follow-up  Innovation Photonics Education project started in December 2013 and runs until December 2014.

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