EFRO Proeftuin Microfluidische systemen

The overarching goal of the pilot project is to create a long-term, intensive collaboration in the field of advanced Microfluidic Systems, supported by the University of Twente through its MESA + institute and the High Tech Factory, as well as by the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. ecosystem. To start with this experimental project aimed at the development of demonstrators of 4 different applications of innovative microfluidic system technology, which allows its application in new products with high added value (and therefore technological impact) as well as the broad employability and widely scalable application possibilities with a greater market volume (and therefore economic impact) will be demonstrated and made visible.

The demonstrators provide the desired appeal for new entrants to grasp what business can be developed in the sector. By aiming for at least 4 demonstrators in this project, a clearer picture is created of the coherence in the different phases in the production, the supply chain, the in-depth knowledge and application possibilities in the following areas:
The Saxion looks to make a contribution in the areas linked to the measurement and assembly of products (backend processing) as well as the building of demonstrators. NPI already has a track record in similar projects (TFF CHARMM, TFF Optofluidic Sensing and EU FP7 Biofos) and on similar themes.

Looptijd: 1 september 2016 t/m 31 augustus 2019
Projectleider: Aleksandar Andreski
Partners: Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, Micronit Microfluidics BV, SmartTip BV, UNeedle BV, Universiteit Twente

Alexander Andreski

Dr. Aleksandar Andreski

Associate professor NanoPhysics/ NanoTronics

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