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What can you expect when you apply for a job at Saxion?

We are pleased that you are interested in a position at Saxion. Here we will tell you how the application procedure works.

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How to apply

Do you want to apply for a position with us? We are most happy to receive your details and motivation! Fill in the application form for the position you are applying for. After sending your application, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt. Normally, you will hear within two weeks of the closing date whether you have been invited for an interview.

First interview

If you have been invited for an interview we will send you an invitation per email with the date and time of the interview along with travel directions. The interviews will either be held in person or online using Microsoft Teams, depending on the corona restrictions at the time.

Of course we will introduce you to the selection committee, so you know who will be present. The selection committee usually consists of a director/head of school, a team leader and one or more potential future colleagues and a HR advisor. In the case of a vacancy as lecturer, a student may also be present during the interview. Depending on the size of the selection committee, you will have two or three conversations.

No match (yet)?

If you are not invited for an interview, we will send you a rejection email, explaining why we didn’t see a match at the time of writing. You are welcome to contact us if you still have questions or would like more explanation about our decision. We will then also give you the contact details of the appropriate person to call.

Follow-up interview(s)

Is there a mutual click? Then we will invite you for a follow-up interview, so we can have more in-depth conversation about certain topics. Sometimes there will also be a third interview.

In the event a follow-up interview leads to a rejection we will call you and explain our considerations that led to the decision.

Employment conditions interview

If the follow-up interview leads to a match according to you and us, then we will invite you for an employment conditions interview at a Saxion location. After this interview, we hope we can welcome you as a new staff member at Saxion.

Want to know more?

More information about the application procedure can be found in the Saxion Recruitment Code. You may also contact the vacancy holder. The contact details of the vacancy holder will be given in the vacancy text on our website.