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Employment terms and conditions

Saxion offers an inspiring work environment and excellent terms of employment.

To give you an impression of the most important terms, we have compiled a Top 11 Employment Conditions:

Your career development is in your own hands at Saxion. You are always on the move but at your own pace. We give you lots of space for your own personal, professional and specialised development, facilitated through budget, time and advice. For instance you can take a course, training or workshop at the Saxion Academy, do a career scan or enrol for a master’s or PhD programme.

Saxion helps you find the right balance between work and free time. You can make personal arrangements concerning your work days, times and working from home. With 11 weeks’ leave, you have many options.

The salary depends on the position and your knowledge and experience. The position is scaled based on salary scales from the CAO hbo. In addition, you can count on 8% vacation allowance and a year-end bonus of 8.3%.

At Saxion we combine working physically on location (together) and working online from home or another location. Working at Saxion means working in an inspiring and facilitated working environment with adaptable workstations. at a Saxion location and from home. We also offer you a complete hybrid working package in order to work in a healthy and safe way. At home and at Saxion.

Hybrid working at Saxion

Hybrid working is a conscious choice at Saxion. Sustainability is high on our agenda: by traveling less, we reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, hybrid working can contribute to a better work-life balance. And if you are comfortable in your own skin, this will improve your job satisfaction. Feeling at home at Saxion. That is what we do it for.

Hybrid working is more than the choice of working from home or working at Saxion. It is about where, when and how you work. Every day, based on your work activities, schedule and the agreements within your team, you choose whether to work at home, go to a Saxion location or work elsewhere.

Saxion hybrid working package

Working at Saxion means working in an inspiring and facilitated working environment at an Saxion location and from home. We offer you a complete package to be able to work healthily and safely. At home and at Saxion.

All employees with a Saxion contract of > 0.2 FTE work on a laptop and with a Saxion smartphone. Workplaces are shared with colleagues and are designed to enable healthy and safe working. Special Teams Rooms and Pods are available for online classes or meetings. And do you work from home at least one day a week? Then you have the possibility to order ergonomic resources for your home office, such as an office chair, footrest, monitor and laptop stand.

Besides the facilities Saxion offers you a sustainable mobility arrangement with which you can, among other things, travel by public transport free of charge (for commuting and business trips), a home-work allowance, a theme site with information and tips and an extensive range of training and education. For example, to support you in a proper work-life balance, to stay fit and vital and to help you work effectively as a hybrid. 

Working together, at home and at Saxion.

Saxion cares about your health and the environment. Which is why we offer tax benefits when you buy a bike through the bicycle scheme. Saxion also has a sports facilities scheme.

Are you planning to move to our lovely region because of your job with us? Then ask about our attractive removal allowance.

You build up your pension with ABP with Saxion paying 2/3 of your premium. Saving options for a bigger pension or early retirement are also available.

You can get discount on the most common types of insurance such as, health, car, home and travel, or income security for your partner.

Saxion has taken out insurance for you against loss of income due to partial incapacity to work. And this is completely free for you.

You can use your Saxion account to access Surfspot, the exclusive educational computer store.

You can use unpaid leave or extra accumulation of holidays to take a longer time off work. A combination of the above is also possible.

Personal, professional and specialist development

As an expert from a particular professional field, you may not yet have the necessary teaching skills. This is why Saxion offers teaching skills courses to first-time lecturers. This course ensures you be well-prepared for your job as lecturer. This practical course covers many aspects you will encounter in your work. How do I prepare my lessons? Are the teaching materials geared to the needs of students? How do I keep their attention during class? And how do I make classes as interesting as possible?

As lecturer-researcher it is important that you have a master’s degree. In some cases we can make arrangements to help you obtain your master’s degree. We offer you the opportunity to take a master’s degree programme at a discounted rate. The Master’s Financial Support Scheme offers you support with your study costs. A similar arrangement is in place for PhD programmes. Saxion endeavours to ensure that 70% of its staff has an academic background and 10% has a PhD.

When you work at Saxion you can make use of the Saxion Academy. You can find the complete range of courses on offer on the Saxion Academy website. This helps you brush up your professional, practical and personal skills and knowledge.

We give you access to your own digital career platform. You can do tests that will give you better insight into your motivation and talents as well as tips on how to get your career up and running. If you want more support then our career coaches are available and happy to help!

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