How business can play an important role in creating a better world

Enschede theaterzaal, M.H. Tromplaan 28, Enschede

A conversation on activistic leadership and sustainability

Companies that do not contribute to a better world have no right to exist in 2023, according to the economist and journalist Jeroen Smit. That businesses should make money to survive is understandable, but that they also should serve the community to create a better world might be less obvious.

Jeroen Smit chronicled CEO Paul Polman's struggles to make Unilever more sustainable. Based on his observations he will discuss dilemmas of activistic leadership for sustainability. But in this program, he especially likes to have a conversation (Q&A) with students and young entrepreneurs: what do you think is important as a human being and what are tips & tricks to get your company, the work floor, directors, shareholders, and your customers to get along with this?

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Guest speaker

Jeroen Smit  Economist, journalist and author including 'De Prooi' & 'Het Grote Gevecht'


Harrie van Bommel Saxion Researcher/Senior Lecturer Circular Innovations

Studium Generale in collaboration with:

Minor Circular Economy, Minor Conscious Business, Centre of Entrepreneurship, several Honours/Excellence Programs

Be there & Be a force for good. Participation in this program is limited. To register send an email to:

Monday, March 6 | 16h00-17h15  | H010| Saxion Enschede + Livestream

  • Enschede theaterzaal, M.H. Tromplaan 28, Enschede

  • 6 maart 2023 - 16:00 tot 17:15

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