To be admitted to the Master in Innovative Textile Development programme you must hold a bachelor of science. A bachelor in Fashion and Textiles Technologies or a similar degree such as AMFI qualifies you for direct admission.

If you have a bachelor of science in another field, supplemented by the transition course in textiles, you are also warmly welcome to apply. After all, with your knowledge of chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial product design, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, mechatronics and suchlike, you are in a prime position to stimulate innovations in the textile industry and achieve crossovers with other sectors.

For more information please refer to our admission procedure


The current Corona crisis has a major influence on all facets of our society, including institutions for higher education in the Netherlands. Saxion University of Applied Sciences wants to prevent that students are not able to start their master’s degree in September 2020 because one or more modules of their bachelor’s degree could not be completed before September 1st as a consequence of the current corona crisis.

Our institution will therefore conditionally accept students who start their studies in 20-21 (September 1st 2020), but have not yet completed their bachelor. In order to apply for this exemption, one must hand in an detailed study plan on how completion of the bachelor’s degree will be combined with the master study. The study plan must include an advice by the mentor/study counselor of the bachelor institution, which state the extent to which the
candidate has the potential to complete the current bachelor programme before January 1st 2021.

The course director/admission officer will subsequently weigh the arguments, taking into account the study load of the master degree programme in the period between the 1st of September 2020 until January 1st 2021. The decision to conditionally accept students is valid until January 1st 2021 and in case the student fails to meet the entry requirements before this date, he or she is forced to quit the study programme and will be unenrolled from the master programme.

In case of any specific questions and more details on the conditions and relevance of this new regulation, please do contact the programme course director / admission officer for inquiries and advice.

In addition, each student must meet the minimum language requirement for English: TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6. This is comparable with an English-language bachelor of science or a degree in Fashion and Textile Technologies from Saxion or AMFI.

The transition course, for students with a bachelor of science in another field, amounts to a study load of approx. 100 hours and comprises a theoretical part and a practical part. You learn the theory at home, during an e-learning programme which includes online support from a lecturer. The practical part comprises a 3-day programme in our chemical and mechanical laboratory and our textiles studio, where you work on assignments that link the theory to practice. This 3-day session is held in Week 0, which is the week before the master programme gets underway.

The programme will start providing in September. The maximum number of students is set at 24, so places are limited.

After accepting your application the intake procedure will begin, comprising an assignment and an interview. For foreign students we can arrange an interview via Skype or Facetime. 

For more information please refer to our case procedure


More information

For more information please contact our Servicepoint. You can find a Servicepoint in Deventer and Enschede. They are open every working day. All (future) Saxion-students can ask their questions here, regardless of the location of your programme