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The Master of Business Administration programme is designed for professionals looking to advance their business, management and leadership skills. The programme approaches leadership development thematically. Personal development and coaching is a key theme to help you understand your value in the market and to develop plans to optimise your potential. The part-time programme is primarily aimed at individuals who are working full-time.

Learning objectives

  • Developing awareness of current issues in business and understanding of organisations, their place in the business world and how they are managed
  • Providing awareness of current issues in business and management that is informed by leading-edge research and practice in the field
  • Improving to acquire and analyse data to evaluate their relevance and validityDeveloping your ability to apply relevant knowledge to a range of complex situations, taking account of how this relates to other areas of the business or organisation.

Flexibel learning

Our part-time supported open learning programme (Blackboard) is primarily aimed at individuals who are working full-time and need to balance study with work and home commitments. This is a flexible learning model which uses a mixture of different methods of study, including facilitated online learning supplemented by face-to-face workshops. This approach has proved very successful and is extremely popular with students and sponsoring employers. Students are required to study approximately 16-20 hours a week for a period of two years.

  • Scholarship in Business
  • Integrated Operations Management
  • Responsible Leadership & Development
  • Business Project research methods

  • Strategy & Business Decision making
  • Creative Problem Solving & Consultancy Project
  • Financial Management
  • Business Project (Dissertation)

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Master of Business Administration

The MBA is an internationally recognised Masters degree in Business Administration and Management. It prepares managers for organisation-wide leadership and decision-making.

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