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Open days: Hotel Management

Want to learn all the ins and outs of the Saxion study programme Hotel Management? Take a look around the FAQ and student stories on this page! Be sure to also check out the available dates below if you are interested in joining an online open day or on-site tour.

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Frequently asked questions about Hotel Management

During the four years of your study you have two possible semesters that can be filled in with internships. Every student will go on internship in the second year of the curriculum. Most of them will also then fulfil their international requirements (go abroad for 30 credits). In the fourth year the minor can also be filled in with a Management internship. To secure both quality and security of the internships Saxion has installed a account management system. Several lecturers have been appointed to be account manager and will guide the students through the recruitment process of the internship. Of course the student will still have a big role in applying for the job.

The end level of Havo 5, Level b2, is required. Speaking, reading and understanding English is important in both the study at school as well as functioning in the international industry where English is most of the time the corporate language. Therefore take into account that a lot (and for the English Programme all) books, articles, website and lectures will be in English.

The admission requirements state that you should have had two foreign languages on Havo/VWO, International B2 level. Should you fail to meet these requirement it means you are deficient on that part. To be able to get admitted at our school you will have to pass a test on a second foreign language at the right level. This test has to take place before you start your studies and it is your job to see whether you might need extra help to get you to the right level and organize this by yourself.

Your career after your study can turn into different directions. Around 30% of our graduates start working within the primary Hospitality industry e.g. hotels, restaurants etc.. Since we educate our student to be able to work both as Hospitality manager but also a Hospitality advisor a variety of jobs are applicable. Think if becoming a General Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager or Events Manager. A lot of students will also find jobs in de secondary and tertiary industry. So Touristic organizations, stadiums, but also Hospitals, and retail companies. Any company with a hospitality aspect in the DNA of their organization could be a future employer. Next to working for a company you can of course also become an entrepreneur and start your own business.

Just as all the other Dutch HBO (Applied Sciences) school students will receive a Diploma in Hotel Management. What are the specific characteristics of Saxion Hotel Management Apeldoorn.

  • The broad scope on hospitality:
    Hospitality is present in many more industries than the Hotel industry. With the broader scope brought into the curriculum students are able to be agile in this ever changing world.
  • Future proof:
    Our aim is to constantly look at changes and align this with our curriculum.
  • Critical:
    We want that our students to argue when necessary. Feedback and reflection are important.
  • Personal:
    Our relationship with student can be described as personal, direct and professional.
  • Authentic practices:
    Our view on practical education is to make it as authentic as possible so no Hotel or restaurant at the school but learning in the real world. We realize this through our internship and set up events education with real clients and real events.

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