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Are you entrepreneurial, ambitious, and willing to take (responsible) risks? The minor "Startup Entrepreneur" could be perfect for you! In an inspiring environment, you will learn the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. This minor is an adventure within your studies, an opportunity that won't come by again soon. Enroll now!

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Martijn Derkzen
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    A: Available for any HBO course, provided there is no overlap with your current education/programme

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Course Content

In this programme, it is essential that you are ambitious and proactive. You learn by doing and are actively engaged with your own business and entrepreneurial skills for twenty weeks. You choose your own path and determine part of your own office hours. Our incubators are available to you from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

We offer various activities such as workshops, guest lectures, networking events, coaching sessions, and Startup Cafés. Additionally, you have ample opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities like inspiration sessions and lunch meetings. All of these are designed to help you excel as an entrepreneur!

Themes that will be covered during the programme include:

  • Personal Identity: Who are you as an entrepreneur?
  • Creativity: How can you add value to your product/service?
  • Validation: Is there a market need for your concept?
  • Finances: How do you manage financial matters related to your startup?

This programme will be hosted at the Saxion Centre for Entrepreneurship (SCfE). We have inspiring and creative locations in Deventer (the Gasfabriek) and Enschede (the Ariënsplein). A true startup incubator.

Here, we will assist you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. The SCfE possesses a wealth of expertise in entrepreneurship and an extensive network of young and experienced entrepreneurs across various sectors. All the right ingredients to turn you into an accomplished entrepreneur.

A significant portion of your time will be spent working and learning at our Deventer location. Occasionally, you will visit the other location to participate in joint sessions with the Dutch programme in Enschede.

This minor focuses on three specific target groups:

  1. You are a student with an idea and you want to seriously pursue it in the form of a startup. With our permission, you may also apply with a team.
  2. You are a (Chamber of Commerce registered) startup. You can potentially participate in this minor, optionally with a partner or co-founder. Your goal being to scale the startup.
  3. You are an entrepreneur in a family business, or you have the idea of taking over a (family) business in the near future.

This is a challenging minor, and you can only achieve the end goal if you are fully committed and willing to step out of your comfort zone. During a first consultation, we will be happy to advise you on the opportunities that await you in this minor.

You can also take this minor in Dutch.

Over the course of 20 weeks, you will be working on your ambitions. These will be assessed along two exam components:

Startup Skills (10 ECTS)
During the programme, you will be assessed twice on your entrepreneurial skills. You will gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and work on improving them.

Business Creation (20 ECTS)
The progress of your business will be assessed at three points during the minor. Based on 3 Milestones, you will determine your trajectory for the future. For each Milestone, you will practice your pitch for external parties during the DRAGON’S DEN.

Milestone 1 – after 6 weeks
At this point, you will have completed the initial tasks, giving you insight into the viability of your idea. You can decide whether to continue with this idea or if you need to shape a new one.

Milestone 2 – after 15 weeks
You will have tested your idea (prototype) with actual or potential customers. To what extent are you already convincing external parties of your idea? The Dragons (potential investors) will increasingly evaluate your idea based on its realism and feasibility.

Milestone 3 – after 20 weeks
You will have independently worked on the feedback from Milestones 1 & 2 and reflected on the future of your business (model). Have you achieved the goals you set in Milestone 2? If so, you also have a chance to earn a spot on the Wall of Champagne! A "hall of fame" for ambitious student entrepreneurs at the entrance to the Centre for Entrepreneurship.