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Open avond: Master of Arts in Management

Wil jij alles weten over de Saxion-opleiding Master of Arts in Management? Kom dan naar onze open avond voor deeltijdonderwijs en kom alles te weten over deze opleiding!

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Wil jij deelnemen aan een (online) open avond voor deeltijdonderwijs? Laat je naam en e-mailadres achter in onderstaand formulier. Wij houden je op de hoogte en sturen een bericht wanneer je je kunt aanmelden. 

Veelgestelde vragen over deze opleiding

Yes, only for EU students it is possible to pay in terms. Our General Terms and Conditions (ALV) describe the exact regulations with regards to payment.

The programme is developed as an 1 year full-time intensive programme which runs between September and August, or a 2 year full-time intensive programme in part-time. Participants have to meet the set criteria by the University of Greenwich for admission in order to be able to successfully complete this programme. For this programme, a bachelors’ degree is set as the minimum. As part of our programme, there is a lot of emphasis on the development of your academic skills necessary to meet the final level of the master programme. The knowledge and skills are usually obtained in a pre-master programme. In addition, our partner University of Greenwich doesn’t require students to follow a pre-master programme. The guidelines for obligatory pre-master programmes differ per country and within Europe these differences are respected. 

Saxion does set itself apart from other institutions by focusing on sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship which require different skills and knowledge. By acquiring knowledge and a critical perspective towards the topics such as business, leadership, personal development and career management, you will be prepared to become a M(B)A: This course aims to develop the business leaders of the future. It approaches responsible leadership from the starting points of creativity, practicality and social resourcefulness.

As a flexible professional you enable yourself to collaborate with experts from these relevant domains. In this, we bridge the gap between academic perspectives and industry relevance. Furthermore, students are supported by a Master Office (course coordinator), which values personal attention and support study and experienced lecturers who help you in your personal and professional development.

Last but not least, The Netherlands has always been a country for entrepreneurs. Offering a safe and affordable environment for students.

Yes it is possible to find your own thesis topic. As our programme is collaborating with a number of research groups you will also be offered opportunities to focus on a topic that matches these researchers/lecturers. This will make it more easy to find relevant support in your project and to publish the results.

No that is not possible, as this will impact your study success during our intensive programme. As an international student, you are allowed to work no more than 16 hours per week due to our IND policy. A practical internship is not part of the curriculum. After your studies you have the possibility to stay a bit longer in the Netherlands for a so called zoekjaar. Saxion is also offering a programme called Connect Forward which aims at finding talented graduates and connect them to regional businesses in order to boost your career.

Overall it is advised to keep working besides your studies at a minimum level as a full time student, as our intensive programme is very demanding.


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