Project I M bachelor CMGT Saxion

Project I-M is a collaboration between students of the CMGT study program and the Thales company from Hengelo. The purpose was to create a high-quality VFX production for one of the Thales radar systems.

For many working on this project it was by definition the biggest challenge they have faced so far. With Thales as a client the students were given the task to create a cgi film that would display the latest radar that Thales was working on.

Being the first CGI film that Saxion students ever made the project also had the teachers challenged. But the end result brought all of the students great opportunities.

Thales is constantly working on high tech solutions to make the world safer, which brought forth the theme “Is it safe?…” Another goal of this project was to attract young engineers to invest their future in Thales.

The video starts with a robot that is born in a Thales factory in the hall where normally the radar systems are built. It then travels through the Netherlands. The robot then locates the ship where it transforms into the integrated mast. The same mast that was created in “de Gouden Driehoek” giving the Royal Marines a world wide advantage.

In the end they were very happy with the result and today the project is still posted on their site

If you’re also curious about the process you’ll also find this website interesting: