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Dragons, big dangerous beasts, hideous and frightening creatures, mutants, giants and freaks; they are all monstrosities.

Monsters reside in all times, places and cultures; the Loch Ness Monster, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Yeti and the Cookie Monster. Children find it exciting to fantasise about these creatures. Also writers, filmmakers and artists it’s a rewarding subject. It inspires fear, conceives dander and danger and challenges to be conquered.

This exhibition is the result of a unique project based on monsters drawn by students of the primary school Het Zeggelt. These drawings are adapted by our students of Creative Media & Game Technologies to express a new story by use of various media. The monsters appear in apps, games, books, animations, board games and virtual reality. The stories are displayed through various mediums together with the original drawings of the children at our Concordia, our partner for this project.