Career prospects

Nanotechnology generates an increasing number of jobs in the Netherlands. Chances are that you will find a job in the Twente region, because it has the highest concentration of high-tech businesses in the country: almost 400. Many of these businesses develop nanoscience and nanotechnology knowledge and apply it to design new products. They do so by working closely with the University of Twente, Saxion and active partners from the public sector.

A career in nanotechnology

After you have finished your master’s programme you could go on to developing new products or processes, conquering new markets, designing new applications or modifying and implementing existing products or processes. You could also be appointed to business-facing positions, where you will use your technical know-how to market innovative applications to clients and customize them to their wishes. With your qualifications you can choose from a wide range of professions such as:​

You are able to convert problems and wishes of the user to a new nanotechnological product. You can also building and test prototypes and you focus on realizing (mass) manufacturing.

In this role you will think of applications for a product, for example a sensor to detect fireworks.

As a project engineer you will work on projects with the purpose of delivering concrete, socially desirable products in nano- and microtechnology.

A R&D engineer does applied research, eventually leading to a marketable product.

Student Nanotechnology