Career prospects

The professional field you will enter, is incredibly wide and internationally focused. You can join one of the many well-known companies, an equally exciting small one or start your own business. Each of the professional roles equips you with specific skills and insights, paving the way for a diverse range of career options, tailored to your interests and aspirations.

Job opportunities 

With your qualifications you can chose from a wide range of professions such as:​

As a 3D Environment Artist, you'll create the visual worlds in games. You'll use 3D modeling and texturing to build everything from lush landscapes to intricate cityscapes, making sure every setting is immersive and visually captivating.

In this role, you bridge the gap between artists and programmers. You'll focus on optimizing art workflows and integrating art assets into the game, solving any technical challenges in art production to ensure a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. 

As a UI Designer, you're in charge of the game's user interface. Your job is to design menus, buttons, and other interactive elements, ensuring they are both easy to use and visually appealing, enhancing the overall player experience.

As a Level Designer, you create the stages or levels of the game. Your role involves balancing gameplay elements like layout and difficulty, crafting engaging and challenging experiences that also advance the game's narrative.

In this more technical role, you'll be deep in the coding and programming side of game creation. You'll write and refine the code that brings game mechanics to life, working on everything from feature implementation to bug fixing, ensuring the game plays just right.

As an Engine Programmer, you'll build and maintain the game engine itself. This role involves working on the core software that powers the game, handling everything from graphics rendering to physics calculations, to ensure the game runs flawlessly. 

What are your chances of finding a job?

​Creative Media and Game Technologies 73%
​Technische Informatica 95%
Creative Business​ 77%

Creative Media and Game Technologies is a relatively new course, so at this point there is no data available about your chances of finding a job after graduation.